Time, cost and securities arbitration

Time, cost and securities arbitration

by | Aug 5, 2020 | Firm News

When securities claims surface, there are multiple factors that require careful examination. From relevant laws to the long-term impact of a claim, those involved in arbitration have many considerations. However, it is imperative to think about time as well as the costs associated with this process.

By understanding what is at stake and having a good idea of what lies ahead, those involved in securities arbitration are more likely to secure a favorable end result. These claims are often very stressful and taking a methodical approach is critical.

Factors that affect the duration of a securities claim

There are many aspects of a claim that play a role in the duration of arbitration. According to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), arbitration typically has a faster turnaround time in comparison to litigation. There are many elements of cases that determine how long they last, such as the schedules of the parties that are involved, the complexity of a case, as well as the number of people included.

Costs associated with arbitration

When it comes to arbitration, every claim is different. From postponement to discovery motions, various aspects of a claim play a role in the costs that come along with a securities claim. Moreover, the amount of hearing sessions also affects the financial impact of arbitration. If you are preparing for securities arbitration, you need to think about time constraints as well as costs and carefully prepare for the case. Moreover, you need to go over the arbitration process in order to develop a better understanding of what to expect.